The following are the minimum required system specifications to run the multimedia and access all features on the LMS:

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Flash Player 10.1.142 or newer

If you can see a message saying Flash successfully installed, then it is already installed.

If not, you will need to click the button below:

* The Flash plugin is free and readily available on the internet. While viewing this page, if you don't already have the software installed, it should automatically install. But if for some reason Flash does not install, a button is provided at the bottom of the page that will link you to the appropriate website to download the plugin.

Firefox users: Firefox has recently disabled the Flash plugin up to version If you are unable to launch content and see a notification that Firefox has prevented the outdated plugin Adobe Flash from running, please update the Flash plugin to the most recent version by visiting the official Adobe Flash Player download page.

Chrome users: Chrome has recently disabled the Flash plugin. If you are unable to launch content and see a notification that Chrome has prevented Adobe Flash from running, you can add an exception for by clicking on the "View All Requirements" link, then clicking on the "Get Flash" button. A message will appear stating that the site is trying to run Flash and prompts you to allow Flash to run.